Why we are the best Luxury car dealership!

You can trust our dealership in Montgomery, AL to give you the best Luxury cars on the market, and the new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black series is a prime example of this with superior quality and performance that leave others in the dust. Our services are of the highest quality, and we transcend the market standard with excellence that can't be ignored. One benefit to choosing us is that we have all the latest beautiful models of luxury cars that will excite the senses and give you a new perspective on what is possible in the current market.

We are highly attuned to the modernity of new vehicles and know how to give you the best bang for your buck with incredible models. Our team is the best because we pay attention to the finer details and have a working knowledge of each model so you can gain insight quicker and more efficiently. Our pricing is unmatched as we strive to give you the best deal possible and help you thrive in a competitive society. You can take confidence in our dealership near Millbrook because we specialize in giving you a luxury experience that is informative and will accommodate you beyond measure!

Most popular Mercedes-Benz model

The Mercedes Benz AMG GT at our dealership near Prattville is a very nice model to consider that is built for speed and can accelerate very quickly with proven results. It emphasizes the ability to go extremely fast with efficiency, and you will find that it's a thrilling ride with no competition on the current scene. The design is sleek, innovative, and futuristic, with a nice finish that keeps it moving as fast as possible.

It is the most powerful AMG V8 road car on the market and is designed to exceed your expectations if you've had a previous model. This model has been forged to over-deliver and serves as an excellent racing car with practical purposes on the road as well. The aesthetics alone are worth the purchase, and it is gaining traction among Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts around the world as the most popular model on the market today. It is so fast that you won't even realize it passed by in a flash and has many incredible features to consider before you make that amazing purchase at our dealership. It has record-setting and track-proven power that is unmatched, making it an entertaining vehicle!

Specs, Technology, & Performance

This Mercedes-Benz at our dealership near Wetumpka has 720 horsepower and features a handcrafted bi-turbo engine which is the most powerful engine ever released on the street. It has a flat-plane crank with a max boost to bring you to 60 mph in 1.3 seconds. This car is definitely not for the faint of heart because the acceleration is beyond impressive. It features a dual-clutch AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-speed and has a more balanced weight distribution for the most impressive results. You will also get a carbon fiber driveshaft and torque transfer for supreme control over this impressive model. It is more ergonomic with rerouted exhaust pipes that make things far more efficient with emissions. Physics is definitely taken into consideration here with an ergonomic design to go as fast as possible.

The damping is highly adaptive for any given terrain and gives you exceptional ride control overall. Ceramic-composite braking makes things safer and easier to brake when necessary, even at higher speeds. The AMG dynamic select feature helps you gain more control over throttle map, shifting, damping, exhaust sound, and much more! This is truly a vehicle of the future!

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